20 Takeaways from #HCMPS14

I attended last week’s Healthcare Marketing and Physician Strategies Summit in Orlando with 600 other healthcare marketing professionals. The gist of the three-day event was aimed to help organizations struggling with:

  • How can we communicate more effectively with patients, consumers, and physicians so that we not only connect, but build engagement and lasting relationships?
  • How can we ensure that our brand is more than just a name, but a promise that is reflected in all that our organization does?
  • How can we improve our use of, data, analytics, and measurement in accomplishing marketing and physician strategy objectives?

If your organization is asking these same questions or want to know what healthcare marketing’s emerging trends are, then read on.

  1. On the web, you are what you publish.
  2. Market like a human.
  3. Content Marketing is the art of communicating with your healthcare consumers without selling.
  4. Fear is the biggest barrier to creating engaging content.
  5. Content is a conversation that is happening between healthcare consumers and your brand constantly, on different channels and platforms. And it is happening, whether or not you are a participant. The conversation is yours to control.
  6. More often than not, a healthcare consumer’s brand experience begins online.
  7. In order to boost your content marketing efforts, consider your online efforts to be an ecosystem with which you can cross pollinate your content.
  8. High deductible health plans are driving consumers to retail-like behavior. Patients are consumers. And vice versa.
  9. Brand journalism is content written by, not about, your company.
  10. Pre-tailing: healthcare consumers search websites, blogs ratings and brands before purchasing.
  11. Embrace C2B as the new model in healthcare marketing. Consumers have “reverse engineered” marketing. If you aren’t serving up content at all points along a healthcare consumer’s path to purchase, you are missing out on opportunities to connect with them.
  12. Data is the manifestation of our interconnected world. We can find those connections.
  13. Healthcare consumers trust hospitals, physicians and nurses more than any other source for health information. Leverage this in your content marketing efforts.
  14. The key to content marketing is making sure your healthcare brand is represented where it makes sense.
  15. The essence of brand journalism is to not sell, but to help. Be a trusted source.
  16. Great customer service is marketing. Period.
  17. Content mapped to the buying cycle is critical to success.
  18. Personal Search – 80% of internet users have looked online for health topics, such as a specific disease or treatment.
  19. Content marketing is more effective on awareness and engagement. The optimal mix: 60% original content, 27% curated content (cherry picking the best content that is important and relevant to share with your healthcare community) and 12% syndicated content.
  20. To be on the leading edge of marketing’s paradigm shift, healthcare marketers need to move from dependence on mass promotional campaigns, to the new paradigm of embracing digital marketing and content marketing.

For you Twitter heads out there, visit #HCMPS14 or my profile page (@kfiddner) for a record of the live, tweet-by-tweet account of all three days.

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