Three Consumer Tech Trends Affecting Healthcare Marketing


The shift in marketing that is, and has been, evolving into a consumer-driven model is one that healthcare marketers need to take seriously. 

What do consumer electronics and healthcare marketing have in common? Consumers. So when I was reading Accenture’s consumer tech trends for 2013, I immediately recognized three consumer trends that are most definitely affecting marketing to our healthcare consumers.

1. Consumers are dumping single function devices for multipurpose ones.

Nothing is just a phone, television or camera anymore.

The customer experiences that multi-functional devices deliver and functions they perform are constantly evolving and not being matched by single-functional devices. The bottom line is that simplicity, accessibility and the endless variety of uses make the most sense for most consumers. Additionally, consumers, are opting more and more to simplify the amount of stuff it takes us to enhance our lives. Why have another thing piled on your nightstand when there is an alarm clock on your phone? Why have a GPS watch when your phone will track your route, mileage, heart rate and time while playing your run and sweat playlist?

We’re just seeing the tip of the iceberg when it comes to apps and medical devices that hook into our smartphones, from capturing ultrasound images and charting heart activity to measuring blood pressure and monitoring blood-sugar.

2. Consumers trust the mobile ecosystem. 

In fact, consumers are very trusting of their mobile devices and apps. More than other types of technology, mobile devices are typically personal to an individual, almost always on and with the user. A Harris Interactive online survey I read found that close to 75 percent of people keep their phone within five feet of themselves most of the time. I’ll vouch for this because I know I’m guilty – whether I’m cooking, sleeping or running.

3. Consumers are adopting cloud-based services and apps at an increasing rate.

Apps and cloud-based services are accessible from any platform and therefore are logical for consumers whose technologic maturity continues to grow. Services such as Evernote, Box.met, Dropbox, Google Docs and Spotify cater to consumers who demand anywhere, anyplace, anytime accessibility. According to the Accenture report, the usage of online services increased substantially in one year for online mailbox services, games, photo storage, movie streaming, data backup, music streaming, calendar and document creation.

Download Accenture’s full Consumer Electronics report here.

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