3 Ways an App Can Build Your Healthcare Brand

Smart marketing directors are building smartphone apps to boost their healthcare brand.

Everyone has a smartphone. And thanks to all of the mobile apps available for them, people — especially patients — can do just about anything from just about anywhere.

First, some numbers:

  • 102 billion  Apps downloaded in 2013
  • About 100,000 Health-related apps as of July 2014
  • 3 percent U.S. healthcare providers offering branded mobile apps to patients
  • 10 seconds How long it takes users to decide whether to download an app
  • 30 seconds How long it takes users to decide to keep an app or not

3 things a mobile app can do for your healthcare facility:

Enhance patient engagement. 
A handy healthcare app can allow patients to set reminders for medications, relay details about post-discharge care, share a hospital map, etc. Patients can feel comfortable, in control and empowered to navigate the sometimes-complex healthcare landscape.

Extend your website, not re-create it. 
Use your app to provide patients with information that may not be on your website or is more individual-user friendly.

Provide information. Any time. Anywhere.
Patients can access an app at any location on their smartphone. Informational/educational apps can give patients the answers they need when they need them the most.

Developing an app that has a purpose and is easy to navigate is your chance to be ahead of the curve and to help patients navigate their health experience.

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