Three Ways to Boost Your Email Open Rates


If your business is spending time and resources to develop emails for current or prospective clients, take note of these three tips to boost your open rates.

1. Segment your list. 

  • There are many ways to segment, and the benefits of segmenting your list at different stages of the email cycle are endless.
  • If you have demographics or other insights to segment your list from the beginning—do it. It can be as simple as changing the primary photo used to better resonate with the target of the email or vary the content of the email completely based on the email target.
  • Follow up with those who did not open the email a few days after the initial email push. Most email platforms do this second push to non-responders without a lot of extra effort. Try changing your subject line or modifying the email to try to capture their attention with the follow-up, since the initial email didn’t prompt an open.
  • Think beyond personalization with their name. Segment your lists so they can be versioned and customized based on geography, where they are in the purchase cycle or other indicators of email preference.

2. Pre-headers. 

Pre-headers are simply snippets of text extracted from the body of the email or new, short content that gets amended to the subject line of the email. The goal is to provide additional information about the content of the email to entice the user to open the email or scroll to content deeper in the email. Most email platforms offer a way to easily add pre-headers to your email. Or, your developer can add some simple code to indicate the pre-header text.

Example of a pre-header in recipient’s email:

aahc blog 1

Example of a pre-header with article titles:

aahc blog 2


For more on pre-headers, these are some great resources. Or, read more about how to implement pre-headers in your email software FAQs.

3. Test your email.

Most importantly, test the email to accounts you have set up in multiple email platforms before you push to the full list. Besides ensuring that the email goes through the spam filters, you can also ensure the email displays as desired across multiple platforms.

Think twice before including “free screening” or similar words to your subject line. Spam filters watch for emails that look like spam, which include subject lines in all caps, words such as “sale,” “free,” or “limited time.” Also, ensure that your email body is conversational and doesn’t include an excessive number of links. Most email software offers a spam test, which will flag text and formatting that might cause the email to be caught by the user’s spam filter.

Refer to the lists below to ensure you are testing in the most popular email domains and clients (July 2017). Or, pull your email subscriber list to do your own analysis of the most popular email domains and if they typically open on desktop or mobile.












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