Five Healthcare Marketing Events That Will Get Attention


One of the best ways to positively engage your healthcare audience and build your brand is through marketing events. 

Event marketing in healthcare organizations can be quite challenging with limitations on budgets, resources, etc. But done right it can be worth the extra effort. Here are five ideas that are sure to get you some well-deserved attention.

1. A just-for-fun event that brings your community together. Not all of our events need to relate directly to our service line offerings. In fact, some can just be for fun. Family fun days, community health fairs, and other events are a great way to bring your healthcare consumers to you for a day of relaxation and enjoyment with their families. After all, who doesn’t have positive feelings and good vibes when you are having fun with your family?

2. A networking event to introduce your healthcare brand. As marketers, we know the value of networking. Look for opportunities, such as with your local chamber, to create onsite after-hour events at your location. This will give your healthcare organization the ability to be introduced to new business members of your community and make you stand out from the competition.

3. An adventure event that promotes healthy living. What better way to target families than by hosting a community rock climbing activity, organizing a 5K or arranging a hiking or biking event in your local park. Any of these events, under the sponsorship of your healthcare organization, would give people in your community a chance to get to know you and your employees in an environment that has nothing to do with business.

4. A virtual event hosted online. If you host lecture and learning events, consider the fact that not all events need to be in-person activities. Social media and other interactive platforms give your healthcare organization the opportunity to reach out to your healthcare audience.

5. A tandem event with a charity or foundation. Raising money for charitable causes always brings people out and is a great way to create goodwill for your healthcare brand. People are happy to buy tickets or donate when they know it’s for a worthy cause. It can also help shape your healthcare audiences’ perceptions about your organization not being all about business.

Events such as these can be a sure bet that your community and healthcare audience will remember far longer than they would a brochure or ad campaign.

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