Five Healthcare Marketing Tips for Positioning Your Physician as an Expert

Patients are often concerned, scared or confused when it comes to making healthcare decisions for themselves or their loved ones. They depend on their physician to present them with the facts and options for treatment as well as make recommendations for treatment or prevention of health issues.

Too often, physicians put the ball back in the consumer’s court – “What would you like to do?” – without providing a recommendation based on their experience and knowledge. This undermines the physician as an expert and doesn’t reassure the patient that they are in good hands.

So, how can you position your physicians as experts and build patients’ confidence, even before the first appointment? Below are a handful of ideas to help get you on your way.

1.       “Ask the Expert” or Q&A campaign. This can be executed using tactics such as print, radio or even during segments on morning news programming. Media outlets are always on the lookout for this type of user-friendly content. Keep target audiences in mind, such as athletes, moms, working professionals, etc.

2.      Physician seminars. Seminars are a prime opportunity for a physician to show his or her stuff without coming across as boastful. These are a great way to get your physicians face-to-face with your community and provide reassurance to them that your medical staff is filled with experts. .

3.      Search engine marketing. When consumers search for a physician, they want the best. Buy search terms such as “experienced cardiologist” or other terms that ensure your physician shows up in the results when someone is looking for the best care, no matter the specialty.

4.      E-newsletter articles. Allow and encourage physicians to write about topics of interest in your hospital’s newsletter or  e-newsletter.

5.      More than a bio. Skip past the basic CV credentials on your physician’s web or rack card biography by letting him or her provide bullets about why they are passionate about what they do and the areas of medicine that they are most effective at treating. This means more to a potential patient than a long history of their medical education.

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