5 Ways Healthcare Marketers Can Empathize with Patients

With social media and digital content taking over healthcare, it is easy to get caught up in receiving “likes” and/or shares. It’s important for healthcare marketers to remember to make a connection with each individual patient and that takes much more than a “like” or share on social media.

A recent study by Prophet shows 41 percent of 1,000 U.S. citizens believes that healthcare in America is more concerned about profits than people’s health. If patients think that their healthcare providers do not feel for them, they will start to lose trust.

So, as healthcare marketers, how can we help healthcare systems show empathy towards patients?

1. Think of all of your communication outlets with patients. Are you responding to your patients with a sense of empathy? Do you hospital bills offer more in-depth information and assistance for patients?

2. Make a connection with each patient. When you make a connection, you gain trust. If the patient does not feel a connection with you, they are less likely to share information about themselves.

3. Think of how to make a connection. Does your staff come off hard and cold? If so, patients are less likely to share information because they do not feel welcomed by the staff.

4. Make patients feel like they have a voice. Acknowledging what your patients have to say is another opportunity for you to build trust between your healthcare system and its patients.

5. Think of how you can show empathy through your social media channels. Because social media is dominating the internet, more often than not, if a patient is concerned or upset with the healthcare system, they will take to social media first. Use this opportunity to empathize with the patient and respond to their concerns.

When it comes down to it, it’s all about patient experience and gaining patient trust. In order to achieve trust we must show empathy in all channels of the healthcare system. We are people helping people. Healthcare systems must remember this when treating patients and show empathy whenever possible.

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