Five Ways to Stretch Your Healthcare Marketing Dollar


Most of us in healthcare marketing have small budgets that are expected to produce big results, which means we have to make every marketing dollar count.

Below are five ways to get more bang for your marketing buck.

  1. Use your ads for more than just advertising space. Print ads are expensive. They’re expensive to create and even more expensive to run. But there is a way to leverage these costs to get more out of them. Most publications offer reprints for a small fee. These can be used as flyers, direct mail pieces and distributed internally to other departments to keep them up-to-date on your latest marketing efforts.
  2. Explore alternatives in SEM. Search engine marketing, whether organic or paid, should be a constant element in your marketing efforts. Your healthcare consumers are online and when they are searching for healthcare information, you need to be there. SEM is a complex discipline, so if you don’t have an internal team member who is digitally-minded and familiar with SEO/SEM, then I recommend asking your agency for help.
  3. Don’t overpay for outside creative talent. When you hire a freelance photographer, artist or consultant, be sure you are hiring for the task at hand that fits your job and your budget. What’s needed for an employee newsletter or publicity shot is very different than what a campaign requires. Be smart about what you ask of your agency versus your pool of freelance talent.
  4. Get more mileage out of existing content. Layouts, copy, photography and even illustrations can be repurposed from one campaign or promotion to another. Also, concepts and creative that your agency may have presented at some point but weren’t used can also be repurposed as future ads, mailings and promotions.
  5. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. Too many times healthcare marketers suffer from the shiny new toy syndrome. We see something new and want to stop what might be working because we’re bored with our current campaign. This is a waste. If your ads or promotions are still effective, you should run them as long as your healthcare audience responds. If a creative concept still works but has outdated information, then update it. It’s not as fun but it will save you money.

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