A Healthcare Marketing Reality Check: We DO Save Lives


Your billboard saved my life.

For several months now I have been short of breath and I basically chalked it up to being out of shape/overweight. In June I was on my way [out of town] on a business trip and started having some burning in my chest muscles and what I thought was very bad heartburn.

Along the way, I noticed your billboard sign “Is this indigestion or a heart attack?” Not only did the sign get my attention, but as a result I turned around and came back home. Long story short and several tests later, it was determined that my LAD was 100 percent blocked and my diagonal was 95 percent. I had two stents put in…

I believe your billboards saved my life. Thank you.

-Richard D.

We love hearing positive feedback and seeing successful metrics from our clients around the country, like when a CEO says we hit the mark or our ER campaign resulted in an increase in ER visits. But when we received this unprovoked testimonial forwarded from one of our clients, we were beside ourselves. How often do we, as healthcare marketers, allow ourselves to stop and smell the wonder of something as powerful as saving someone’s life? I can tell you for us, as an agency, it’s hardly ever. We are too busy planning the next event, promotion and campaign, always looking forward and never stopping long enough to take it all in.

We are in a tough business. Not enough budget to do what we should be doing, not enough resources to help cover all the bases for which we are responsible… it seems sometimes it’s just never enough. Well, in this case, it was enough. It was just enough to make Richard turn his car around and get his heart checked.

It’s times like this, hearing the grateful – and relieved – tone in Richard’s words, when we can momentarily stop and shine a light on something as beautiful as saving a life.

Thank you, Richard D., for giving us reason to pause for a brief moment of elation.

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