Physician with outstretched hand

A physician ad is kind of like a first date…

1)      Bring Flowers

  • Potential patients will respond best to the mention of patient benefits. They want to know you are thinking of them.

2)      Don’t talk about yourself the whole time.

  • Our focus should be on the patient. Focusing on how the doctor can help the patient is a much more effective tactic than highlighting the doctor’s CV alone.
  • Unless the doctor has a spectacularly impressive background from a well-known medical institution (e.g. Johns Hopkins or Cleveland Clinic) it may be more valuable to say that they care about patients/provide a valuable service vs. where the doctor went to school.

3)      Look your best.

  • Physician photos are a first impression. Whenever possible, they should be professional quality with backgrounds in lighter colors.
  • Doctor’s clothing should be clean, neat and pressed. Not like they have been in the OR all night! Make sure ties are straight for the men and no flyaway hair for the ladies.

4)      Don’t crowd.

  • Don’t overdo the copy. Sometimes we end up saying nothing because we are trying to say everything. A little mystery (aka white space) can really put the reader at ease and keep them engaged longer than an ad crowded with too much copy.

5)      I had a great time. Can we do this again next week?  

  • Strong calls to action such as patient seminars and “call for an appointment” are important. Our ultimate goal is to get the reader to take action. It is important to let them know a specific thing we want them to do.

by Shannon O’Connell

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