Angela Harless

AcrobatAnt Joins the Task Force

We’re always excited to share when our Ants are quoted in the news. Angela Lawrence, managing director and co-founder of AcrobatAnt, recently served on the Business Services Task Force—a committee dedicated to brainstorming ideas about how the City of Tulsa can more efficiently serve the needs of budding businesses. A proposal and other recommendations made by the task force will be discussed at a city council meeting in late January 2013.

And adopting these task force recommendations could pay off for the City of Tulsa. “Perception matters for new businesses working with the city,” Angela states in this Urban Tulsa Weekly article, “I think businesses that were looking at Tulsa as a potential place to open would see it as a business-friendly community from the beginning and have a positive attitude and be more willing to relocate to Tulsa.” Find out how Angela and the task force plan to fight for the rights of Tulsa business owners:

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