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AcrobatAnt Wins Aster Award


AcrobatAnt is proud to announce that we have received an Aster Award for our Fight/Trust/Strength campaign for Lancaster Regional Medical Center.

The Aster Awards is a medical marketing awards program that allows healthcare organizations and advertising agencies to compete against sized-based competitors from all over the world.

The Aster Awards has an annual contest allowing entries from the previous year to be scored, judged and recognized for excellence.

The Fight/Trust/Strength campaign was developed to highlight the power of Lancaster Regional Medical Center’s partnership with Penn State Hershey to form the Regional Center for Cancer Care. The goal was to create awareness of the partnership and program and to highlight the comprehensiveness of care available at the RCCC.

Several concepts were initially developed, but in the end, the client believed this concept, executed correctly, would create the most impact in market.

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