What’s our most frequently asked question: “Why the name “AcrobatAnt”?
Surprisingly, an acrobat ant is an actual insect – that shares some very interesting characteristics with our business model.

When an actual acrobat ant is disturbed, it runs, holding its abdomen above its thorax – looking like an acrobat walking on his/her hands.

  • Like our namesake, we at AcrobatAnt can perform some pretty amazing feats when challenged. When lesser ants choose to retreat, we strut our stuff.

Worker ants enter homes/structures via utility lines, adjacent shrubs, windows, cracks or vents.

  • AcrobatAnt is relentless in finding ways to “get in the house” – unstoppable at making sure our clients’ messages reach their intended targets.

When viewed from above, the acrobat ant’s abdomen is shaped like a heart.

  • At our core, we ♥ serving our clients. And they ♥ us right back.

Acrobat ants are extremely territorial.

  • We consider our clients members of our colony, and we guard their brands with our professional lives.

Ants are social insects.

  • “Party, party” is our motto.

Acrobat ants mate while flying.

  • We don’t really know how that applies, but if they can do that, we can do anything. And we mean “anything.”

More non-insect-related reasons for choosing the name AcrobatAnt:

  • We were originally Fireant in the late 1990s, and we’re happy to return to our ant roots.
  • Working in a colony is fun.
  • We share a unexplained fondness for picnics.
  • Being an ant is cool!

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