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As an advertising agency, marketing firm and digital group, we do whatever it takes to bring our clients and their customers together. We live by "Pure. Simple. Honest." which means we create concepts that are smart and memorable. AcrobatAnt speaks directly to your audience. Often with a touch of irreverence. Never boastful. Always loud and clear.


Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

What do you want to do and how do you plan to accomplish that? Our marketing consultants can help your organization (1) set measurable goals and direction, (2) determine what actions are needed to reach them, (3) allocate resources to get the outcomes you want and (4) track results.
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Broadcast Production

Broadcast Production

Our job with every TV, radio or video project is to make your job as easy as possible. We partner with just the right award-winning production house to deliver a product that meets your tough standards and budget—and just might win the next award.
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Digital Services

Digital Services

An online component is now a requirement—not just an option—for integrated marketing. Our versatile team will make sure your brand translates to every facet of digital marketing—from website development to social media to content management.
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Creative Services

Creative Services

At the heart and soul of what we do is our creative work. Never satisfied with the status quo, we go for the ideas no one else has thought of—zigging when others zag. Check out our portfolio, featuring all types of projects for all types of clients.
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Media Placement

Media Placement

In media, time is literally money. No message can be effective until it reaches the target audience. AcrobatAnt takes a disciplined approach to determine the right media and the right media mix, then helps you negotiate the best rates.
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Brand Development

Brand Development

Think of all you know about your customer. Brand development is your chance to tell your customer all about you. AcrobatAnt will help identify how your brand is currently perceived and take it to where you want it to be. We'll give your brand a look, a feel, a voice.
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Diane Davis Diane Davis

Diane Davis

Owner, Creative Services Director
As an account supervisor, she excels in concession rebranding with many convention centers, arenas and stadiums around the country benefiting from her project management skills. She was chosen as one of Oklahoma Magazine's "40 Under 40."

David Downing David Downing

David Downing

Owner, Account Service Director
David is an expert with clients because he's been one. And served many. His career on both sides of the table—client and agency—has made him a quick study of what clients want and how they want issues solved.

Angela Harless Angela Harless

Angela Harless

Owner, Finance Director
Her mind is strategic. Logical. "Spreadsheet" is her native language. That's why Angela oversees all things monetary at AcrobatAnt. A pro in the advertising, marketing and healthcare industries, she's also one of Oklahoma Magazine's "40 Under 40."

Danny Sadler Danny Sadler

Danny Sadler

Owner, Creative Director
Danny has the sharp eye of a detective and the innovative perspective of an art director. From big concepts to the tiniest kerning move, he makes sure nothing leaves this agency until it meets our clients' needs and our own "Pure. Simple. Honest." standards.

Dwayne Butler Dwayne Butler

Dwayne Butler

Art Director
As a designer, Dwayne loves the “happy accidents” that happen when you look at projects from different angles and try something that originally might not have worked. He likes designing logos and illustrations because it allows him to use the skills he’s developed. And he is an expert when it comes to designing tradeshow exhibits and graphics.

Annie Calvert Annie Calvert

Annie Calvert

Production Artist
The arrival of Annie, the first full-time production artist we’ve had in a while, means our busy design team can spend more time creating and less time resizing ads, making layout edits and getting things ready to print. These and other important tasks have been happily delegated to Annie, who has happily embraced the responsibility. Conclusion: Annie inspires happiness.

Rachael Cervenka Rachael Cervenka

Rachael Cervenka

Account Coordinator
Keeping clients happy and accounts on track takes special skills that can be taught and certain talent that comes naturally, and Rachael has all of the above: organization, patience, friendly attitude, perseverance, excellent written and verbal communication, and unflappability. Yes, “unflappability” is a word. She checked.

Audrey Chambers Audrey Chambers

Audrey Chambers

Account Supervisor
The "Stay Calm and Carry On" craze was invented for Audrey. You can try to rile her, but you'll fail. Her experience with big brands—Mars Candy, Wrigley, Energizer, Dannon, Walmart and Sam's Club—prepared her for managing one of AcrobatAnt's largest healthcare accounts.

Dell Chambers Dell Chambers

Dell Chambers

Art Director
Dell has a great eye as a designer, illustrator and fine artist. His paintings of popular sports figures have brought in in as much as $11,000 for charity events. At AcrobatAnt, he's the go-to guy for coming up with the big concept, then taking it to the molecular level.

Bryan Cooper Bryan Cooper

Bryan Cooper

Associate Creative Director
To know Bryan is to marvel at Bryan's thinking process. His mind just works differently. You've seen his logos in multiple editions of LogoLounge; and his work has been featured in the Society of Illustrators Museum in New York and in the Directory of Illustration.

Madison Gilliss Madison Gilliss

Madison Gilliss

Account Coordinator
Healthcare and food: two things Acrobat knows a lot about, which made Madison such a natural addition to the account team for CommunityCare and Mazzio’s, among others. She joined us in 2018, bringing two years of healthcare-marketing experience and a passion for cooking and baking, which she’s free to share with the unusually high percentage of foodies in our office.

Tamara Green Tamara Green

Tamara Green

Media Director
Since the launch of her marketing career in 1990, Tamara has seen—and deftly adapted to—the dramatic changes in media buying brought on by the digital revolution. The reason Tamara excels at the media side of advertising is the same reason she likes baking: “Two plus two always equals four.”

Heather Hall Heather Hall

Heather Hall

Heather is the warm, welcoming face greeting visitors to our humble Ant abode—that is, when she’s not delivering mail, ordering supplies, invoicing, and doing anything and everything asked of her to keep this place running smoothly. Her positive attitude is infectious, and we love having her and her executive assistant—a teacup Chihuahua named Rigby who can fit in your shirt pocket.

Dana Jacobs Dana Jacobs

Dana Jacobs

Digital Producer
Development and distribution of digital content, including web and social media, is essential for every client, and Dana’s skills in creating and managing this content make her an essential member of every AcrobatAnt account team.

Donna Keffer Donna Keffer

Donna Keffer

Account Director
What did Donna learn from her 13 years as director of sales and marketing in the hospitality industry? How to build professional relationships, keep her customers happy and how those skills apply to a variety of industries.

Anna Montoto Anna Montoto

Anna Montoto

Account Coordinator
To the average person, it seems like a lot of pressure to be in charge of managing relationships with clients. That’s why average people don’t become account coordinators at AcrobatAnt. Anna uses her exceptional organizational skills and versatility to ensure all deadlines are met and all creative is up to agency and client standards.

Matt O'Meilia Matt O'Meilia

Matt O'Meilia

Senior Writer
What started as a “happy accident” has turned into over 27 years in the advertising industry. Having worked at many agencies throughout his career, Matt came to AcrobatAnt for the people and the chance to do something different. A former spelling bee champion, Matt has been writing his whole life. And when he is not writing, you can find him playing the drums or guitar.

Jessica Thomas Jessica Thomas

Jessica Thomas

Proofreader/Copy Editor
Jessica’s previous occupations include the Oklahoma City Thunder events crew and tournament organizer for the Bixby Youth Baseball Association. Now she organizes words and gives every fact a reality check, the agency’s last line of defense against any sort of inaccuracy. A lot of pressure, but she can handle it.

David Vavra David Vavra

David Vavra

Someone has to do payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable, collections, billing, forecasting and prepare financial statements. At AcrobatAnt, that's our left-brained and very sports-minded David Vavra—who always looks forward to Fantasy Football season.

Ryan Watkins-Hughes Ryan Watkins-Hughes

Ryan Watkins-Hughes

Digital Services Director
Atlanta-born, Pratt Institute- and Tulane University-educated, the multi-hyphenated Ryan Watkins-Hughes leads and manages all aspects of website development, UX/UI, interactive and online presence disciplines for AcrobatAnt’s diverse client base. Among Ryan’s former employers is digital giant Razorfish, where he served as senior web developer in the company’s Austin office.

Thought Leadership

Marketing is an ever-changing science. New trends pop up and yesterday's fads fade with equal speed. That's one reason clients call on our expertise. Our strategic recommendations help them track the latest consumer-focused ideas—building their ROI and making their jobs easier.

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