Alternatives to Appointment Setting in Healthcare Marketing


In today’s demand economy, we must deliver on our healthcare consumers’ expectation of being able to access information, entertainment and commerce how they want it, where they want it and when they want it.

Healthcare consumers are able to retrieve information at the click of a button. Therefore we must constantly innovate in order to win and keep them. One way of meeting their demands is to reconsider how we deliver health information, such as seminars.  

Creating a speaker’s bureau for physicians and consistently hosting seminars for the community is a great way to build brand loyalty and patient volumes. However, with the busy schedules of consumers and the increasingly younger age of patients (e.g. 43 percent of joint replacement patients are under 65), having mid-day or evening seminars aren’t as convenient as they once were. So, how do we make seminars more accessible to potential patients?

Recording seminars, lectures and community talks by hosting them on your website is a great way to offer your healthcare organization’s content to your healthcare audience at their leisure. While this does let them consume the content and build the credibility of your physician and hospital, it does limit the interaction you can have with them.

Streaming your seminars live is another means of allowing a potential patient to view them from the comfort of their home, and at a time they so desire. Live streaming does provide flexibility for call-ins or chat questions in real time. Pre-recorded webinars are also available for viewing anytime, but you might consider staffing a call center or ‘chat’ person who is immediately available to answer questions and schedule appointments for an increased window of time. Patients may be more likely to ‘chat now’ with someone and get information about how quickly an appointment could be scheduled or get other questions answered versus actually calling a physician office.

If you aren’t sure how your healthcare audience will respond to this type of content being available 24/7 online, then experiment with it. Hire a videographer (which can be done very inexpensively) to record your next event, put it online with a clear path to access the content, and then promote it. You’ll want to monitor your web analytics for spikes in traffic so you can see the results.

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