An Ad Campaign to Break the Most Obscure Records

In a record-breaking campaign to break all records probably never thought of, Guinness World Records is out to show consumers that records can be broken without growing your fingernails for years or giving birth to the largest baby. The annually-published reference book partnered with BBDO New York—an agency that boasts clients such as Visa, HP and AT&T—to create posters that either break a record themselves or urge passers-by to do the same.

Among the set is a poster that claims to be “The Most Complimentary Poster Ever,” telling viewers “You look great,” among other ego-boosting sentiments. There’s “The Mostt Typoes on a Postor” poster. And the “Heaviest Poster Ever”—printed on a 6-ton rock. Then there’s the smallest poster ever, featuring 0.8 point copy. The average human needs a magnifying glass to read it, but we think it’s simply a poster for Ants.

To see a slideshow of all of the Guinness World Records advertisements, view the slideshow in this article from AdAge.

What record would you like to break?

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