Ant Q&A: Audrey Chambers

Audrey Chambers
Account Supervisor

Trace your work history leading up to your employment at AcrobatAnt.
I started working when I was 15 years old and really haven’t stopped. After graduating from Oklahoma State University, I accepted a position in Human Resources at the Walmart home office in Bentonville, Arkansas. I later moved to Recruiting and ended my time there in Marketing. It was an amazing learning experience, but I knew I didn’t want to stay there forever, so I took a job as an advertising agency account director and stayed there for a few years. I was in northwest Arkansas for a total of seven years before I made my way back home to Oklahoma. I’ve been at the Ant farm since 2011.

How would you describe your job?
I used to say I see my job as relationship-building, which is still a very important aspect, but it’s not the only piece of the puzzle. I now realize a large part of my job is to make everyone’s lives easier, which I do in many ways—mostly in how I communicate, both internally and externally. I feel it’s my responsibility to take stress off of my clients by delivering great work and being strategic. I try to do the same for the creative team by clearly communicating objectives so we can find the best solution together. I’m the middle-man, the last line of defense, the one held accountable for everything, and I don’t take this responsibility lightly. It’s a delicate balance of organization and remaining calm for the immediate needs, but also looking ahead to see how those things will affect the future. I have to be adaptable and ready for anything!

Why did you get into advertising?
I like the thrill of it, the variety of work and the things I get to do on a daily basis. I also feel like it is a field that helps me utilize some of my strengths. Plus, I get to work with some really amazing people. I’ve learned so much over the years and I enjoy that growth. It’s still work, but it’s a fun industry to be a part of, for sure.

What inspires you at work?
I love having an idea and seeing it brought to life in a very tangible, creative way. I am particularly inspired by the people we interview for the Saint Francis Health System account. We have the opportunity to feature real doctors, nurses, volunteers and patients in ads, and their stories are incredible. I feel so fortunate just to visit with them and learn about life. These people have shared some really special moments with us—why a doctor or nurse chooses the medical profession, what it’s like for a mother to see her child suffer with an illness. Their stories move me and make me proud to work on the account.

What inspires you outside of work?
Life! I am a lover of life, food, adventure and my people. I really enjoy traveling to see new things and opening my mind to the big, beautiful world out there. I plan all of my vacations (and my life schedule in general) around good food, and my husband loves it, too. I love my amazing friends and family who challenge me to be better, laugh with me and help me keep everything in perspective. And my kids, Nola and Kai, inspire me on a regular basis. At the end of it all, I’m just trying to make a positive difference.

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