Ant Q&A: Danny Sadler

Danny Sadler
Owner, Creative Director 

What do you think are the most important responsibilities of a creative director?  
To give members of the creative department guidance while giving them the freedom to take ideas in a fresh, original direction.

You’ve been in advertising for approximately umpteen years. What motivates you every day?
The challenges. Every day is different. In a single day, we might work on ads, radio, TV, outdoor boards, direct mail, websites—or all of the above, which is often the case. Oh, and the people. I love these people.

You’ve worked in big and small agencies. What advantages does a relatively small agency like AcrobatAnt offer clients?
For the most part, we have the same capabilities as large agencies—creative, digital, account service, media—but we can react very quickly to our clients. A large agency has more layers and many times it can take forever to get something out the door.

What’s with you and old cars?
I’ve always liked old cars. They’ve got character. I drove a rusted-out ’68 VW bug for over 25 years until it finally died. Now I drive an ’89 Jeep Wagoneer. It’s a gas guzzler, but it’s definitely a fun car.

AcrobatAnt Marketing & Advertising
1336 East 15th Street
Tulsa, OK 74120

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