Ant Q&A: Dell Chambers

Dell Chambers
Senior Art Director

How long have you worked at AcrobatAnt?
Six wonderful years.

How would you describe your job?
Challenging, interesting and ever-evolving. I take input from clients and come up with a compelling and clean design to achieve their goals. It’s kind of like a puzzle, figuring out what goes where, and it’s very rewarding to see the final picture come together.

What projects and activities do you pursue outside of agency work?
Painting is something I thoroughly enjoy, along with trying new foods and health/fitness. Some employees have actually hired me to do their weekly lunches; they call it the Dell Plan.

What’s your favorite artistic medium? Why?
Acrylic paints. They dry quickly and I can blend them well. I started my illustration work early on with colored pencils (which have no drying time) and I feel like they were a great base for my knowledge of color blending. It carried into my use of acrylic paint almost seamlessly.

What do you wish every client knew about design?
When there is some space around elements and they are allowed to breathe, a layout can convey a message more succinctly and powerfully. This is the ultimate goal I have for everything I design.

Share a cool experience you’ve had recently.
I did a West Coast tour in June to celebrate my 7th wedding anniversary. We flew to San Diego, CA, drove to Sedona, AZ, then to the Grand Canyon. On the 7th and 8th day of the trip, we stayed in Las Vegas. The experience was great for the senses. We ate amazing food and also got to enjoy breathtakingly beautiful scenery. It was an amazing trip!

Some of Dell’s Paintings are below… great job, Dell! 


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