Ant Q&A: Kylie Cook

Kylie Cook
Account Manager

What inspires you?

I love the advertising business—the way brands can influence culture and the way our work furthers business objectives. Creating change inspires me to always improve, always work toward something better than we have today.

I enjoy working with clients to identify problems we can help them solve, and then working alongside our creative team to bring to life an idea that drives impact. I crave a sense of accomplishment every day. Nothing feels better than knowing I’ve made my clients’ lives a little easier. And I love that I don’t have to do it alone. I am part of a great team that respects and truly appreciates what each person brings to the table.

There’s no better feeling than doing what you love every day, with a team that inspires, challenges and appreciates you every day.

What activities do you pursue outside of the agency?

My husband and I—and our dog, Lexie—love being outdoors. We frequently camp, hike, bike or simply drive out for a lake day somewhere nearby. There’s something so relaxing about turning off my phone—or being somewhere without service—that reminds me to breathe a little deeper and clears the busyness from my brain to allow me to focus on the bigger picture. These times away help me focus on serving my clients and coworkers to the best of my abilities.

What would you be doing if you weren’t in the advertising world?

I would probably be a professional organizer, which might be part of why I love agency life. I’ve always been able to find a sense of joy and achievement in taking a space, deconstructing the chaos, and creating order through organizational systems that work. It’s similar to our creative and brand strategy process—just applied to marketing instead of all the junk you’ve accumulated in the garage.


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