David Downing

Managing Director - Account Service
David Downing
Managing Director - Account Service

It’s not just the gallon of caffeine that revs David up every day. He loves what he does and he pours every bit of passion and energy into it. After more than 40 years of developing communication strategy to help clients build and position their brands, the guy still can’t get enough. A more zealous client advocate you will not find.

Areas of specialty
  • Brand Positioning/Planning
  • Agency Management
  • Account Service
Industry Experience
  • Architecture/Civil Engineering
  • Automotive Aftermarket/Packaged Goods Accessories
  • Automotive Dealerships
  • Business Consulting
  • Car Rental
  • Contemporary Christian Music
  • Energy (E&P, Midstream, Pipeline)
  • Energy Manufacturing
  • Fast Food/Fast Casual Dining
  • Healthcare/Health Insurance
  • Outdoor Recreation/Hunting Products
  • Retail Banking
Is a hot dog a sandwich? Why or why not?

Surely it is. A piece of meat between two pieces of bread = a sandwich.

What animal is your kindred spirit, and why?

A whitetail buck deer. I respect their wisdom, ability to thrive and survive to an old age.

What was your first concert?

Chicago, 1971, OKC Fairgrounds.

Sleep is no longer necessary. What do you do with your extra time?

Read for pleasure, work more on the ranch, learn to play guitar and piano, restore old buildings.