Ants team up with BOK Center on tasty concession designs.

Of course, Ants are naturally attracted to anything food-related. So when our client, Sarah Haertl asked if we’d design new graphics for BOK Center’s concession areas, we jumped right in. Each area received its own theme and graphic identity. It was a big job that required managing several vendors.

“In scope, this project could easily have become overwhelming,” said Sarah. “Our team at AcrobatAnt seamlessly coordinated the design, production and installation of the remodeled concession stands in the facility. We were in constant communication throughout the process, so we were up to date on the status at all times.”

As one of the country’s most successful venues, BOK Center welcomes hundreds of thousands of guests through its doors every year. The experience they have in the concession areas has a big impact on their overall impression of the BOK Center.

“The concession stand remodeling project was so important to us because we know it will vastly improve the customer experience for guests who attend BOK Center events,” said Haertl. “We enjoy every aspect of working with the Ants. Their enthusiasm for our project and their level of commitment to our satisfaction made this project an enjoyable experience.”

We Ants love a challenge. But, we love helping our clients grow their business even more.

Check out more of our work for other clients. Does your agency wait for you to ask or do they anticipate your branding needs?


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