Are you managing your Internet presence?

Let’s define Internet Presence Management: IPM is the process of controlling your Web-based channels to increase your online presence and overall Internet efficiency. Companies or organizations trying to connect with target audiences online use IPM to reduce the costs of customer acquisition and customer service.

But what if you’re an owner who struggles to keep the business running from month to month? Where do you find time for IPM? Answer: You make the time. Or look for outside help.

If you’re uncomfortable with terms such as websites, micro sites, landing pages, Google Adwords marketing, SEO, SEM, email, e-newsletters, Facebook pages, tweets or posts, it may be time to choose an outside firm to help with your IPM marketing strategy.

How to find a firm for help with IPM.
Step one is to find the right type of agency.
Q. Is that a PR firm? Advertising agency? Interactive agency? Social media firm?
A. Look at the history of the group you are thinking of hiring.

Here are some important questions to consider before choosing a potential IPM resource:

  • Do they understand what IPM means?
  • Do they have integrated marketing for other clients?
  • Do you feel comfortable working with the people?
  • Are you a partner or a paycheck to them?
  • Do they understand your business and target audience?
  • Can they help me break out of the pack?
  • Can they make a difference in how my company presents itself to potential new clients?

When you can feel comfortable with the people and confident in their abilities, that’s the right IPM firm for your business.

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