Saint Francis 50th Anniversary…

The Ants did a photo shoot for the 50th Anniversary of Saint Francis Health System. We had over a 100 volunteers form a 50 on the football field at Bishop Kelley. Shane Bevel, the photographer, took the shot from a helicopter. It was a beautiful sunny day and the photo turned out great in a Tulsa World ad. Saint Francis loved it! Great way to acknowledge their volunteers.

The Ants – Danny, Cindy and Katy were there to help co-ordinate the efforts and the volunteers.

Saint Francis 50th Anniversary Photo
Saint Francis 50th Anniversary Photo
Cindy – Katy – Danny
Danny and Shane
Danny and Shane
Henry hoping for a ride...
Henry hoping for a ride…

Fort Smith, ARK… oh what fun!

A couple of the Ants were in Ft. Smith, Ark last week to shoot a lot of footage for some upcoming broadcast spots. Lot’s of long hours and b-roll out the wazoo… the Ants call that fun times. Here is a photo of the Ft. Smith Crew. I am sure if you ask nicely Angela or Danny could point you to the high life spots in Ft. Smith. They are such party Ants! Not really, but we like to dream.

Two of the Ants with the SparksCrew
Angela and Danny with the Sparks Crew in Ft. Smith, Ark.

The Addy’s!

The Ants were out in full force for the Addy Awards. Great times and lot’s of fun… The best part was just all being together out of the colony. Winning the awards and the citations was just added extra fun. Here are a few photos at the Addy Awards of the Ants.

workshop for MHAT

Hal Collins, one of the ants in the colony, did a workshop at the Mental Health Assoc. Board of Directors retreat on Saturday, 1/23/2010.

The turn out was fantastic and the crowd was very interested in learning more about how Web 2.0 / Social Marketing could further the reach of the Mental Health agenda for the Tulsa area and beyond. Great group of people that work tirelessly for the betterment of metal health in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.

If you would like more information about the Mental Health Association in Tulsa please go to their website. Also while you are at the website, please help support them by donating here.

Our ants get the job done no matter what…

The ladies were enjoying the benefits of  working with the “Wine for Wishes” event for Make a Wish.

Wine for Wishes Event - Diane, Angela and Lauren
Wine for Wishes Event – Diane, Angela and Lauren

The ants at AcrobatAnt go to great lengths to get the job done. Here are some shots to prove that Bryan Cooper is not afraid of heights and loves his job.

Bryan on the roof, David Bryan and his son on the ground.
Bryan on the roof, David Bryan and his son on the ground.
Bryan getting that perfect shot lined up...
Bryan getting that perfect shot lined up…
Riding off into the sunset... at the Patriot Golf Club!
Riding off into the sunset… at the Patriot Golf Club!