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Angela Harless

AcrobatAnt Joins the Task Force

We’re always excited to share when our Ants are quoted in the news. Angela Lawrence, managing director and co-founder of AcrobatAnt, recently served on the Business Services Task Force—a committee dedicated to brainstorming ideas about how the City of Tulsa can more efficiently serve the needs of budding businesses. A proposal and other recommendations made by the task force will be discussed at a city council meeting in late January 2013. And adopting these task force recommendations could pay off for the City of Tulsa. “Perception matters for new businesses working with the city,” Angela states in this Urban Tulsa... Read More

3D Acrobat Ant icon

AcrobatAnt Selected Best Place to Work in Tulsa

Tulsa Business Journal recognized AcrobatAnt among the 20 honorees selected for Employees’ Choice: Tulsa’s Best Places to work for 2012. After compiling the results of more than 700 surveys submitted by employees of Tulsa companies, the TBJ selected five firms with the highest satisfaction ratings in each of four employment categories, based on number of employees. These top 20 firms have been profiled in a special edition of the TBJ released June 20th. All honorees will be recognized as Tulsa’s 2012 Best Places to Work during a special event as the Hyatt Regency Tulsa on June 21. For more information... Read More

Dell Chambers, Darren McFadden, Darren McFadden Painting

Graphic Artist has a flair for sports

With college football right around the corner, we thought it only fitting to mention the newest member of the Ant Farm, our resident Fantasy Football organizer,  Dell Chambers. Dell is a native Tulsan who like many from this great state played sports for most of his life. His love of sports growing up was coupled by his love of visual arts, leading him to earn a degree in graphic arts. With a unique sense of what makes an athlete great, Dell transforms his strong attention to detail and insight into amazing hand-illustrated portraits. Recently, Dell donated his work to The... Read More

Diane Davis

Guess who is on the online cover of…

Oklahoma Magazine! Managing Director / Director of Creative Services – Diane Davis Congrantulations! Diane was chosen as one of the 40 Under 40 for this year. Wow! We are so excited to have her recognized as one of Tulsa’s best and brightest young entrepreneurs. We have known all along that she is a great person. She also brings fun and excitement to AcrobatAnt and now the whole state knows our secret as well.

Saint Francis 50th Anniversary Photo

Saint Francis 50th Anniversary…

The Ants did a photo shoot for the 50th Anniversary of Saint Francis Health System. We had over a 100 volunteers form a 50 on the football field at Bishop Kelley. Shane Bevel, the photographer, took the shot from a helicopter. It was a beautiful sunny day and the photo turned out great in a Tulsa World ad. Saint Francis loved it! Great way to acknowledge their volunteers. The Ants – Danny, Cindy and Katy were there to help co-ordinate the efforts and the volunteers.

The longhorn... and the ants!

Painted Pony!

The ants were out in full force at The Painted Pony Ball that supports The Children’s Hospital at Saint Francis. It appears that the ants had a great time. Here are just a few of the photos from the event.  

3D Acrobat Ant icon

Acrobatic… Ants

All of us here at AcrobatAnt like to think we have a little ‘Acrobat’ in us. Compare us to these acrobat skills and traits and see for yourself. Flexibility – Acrobats can put their feet behind their heads – so what?! We can ramp up a new project or halt one in a moment’s notice.  We can meet on the client’s terms – in person, online, via email or phone. Each client manager prides themselves on managing projects in a way that each unique client would expect. Grip – Acrobats seem to have pretty good ‘grip’ – they can grab... Read More


What’s our most frequently asked question: “Why the name “AcrobatAnt”? Surprisingly, an acrobat ant is an actual insect – that shares some very interesting characteristics with our business model. When an actual acrobat ant is disturbed, it runs, holding its abdomen above its thorax – looking like an acrobat walking on his/her hands. Like our namesake, we at AcrobatAnt can perform some pretty amazing feats when challenged. When lesser ants choose to retreat, we strut our stuff. Worker ants enter homes/structures via utility lines, adjacent shrubs, windows, cracks or vents. AcrobatAnt is relentless in finding ways to “get in the... Read More