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Ant Q&A: Danny Sadler

Danny Sadler Owner, Creative Director  What do you think are the most important responsibilities of a creative director?   To give members of the creative department guidance while giving them the freedom to take ideas in a fresh, original direction. You’ve been in advertising for approximately umpteen years. What motivates you every day? The challenges. Every day is different. In a single day, we might work on ads, radio, TV, outdoor boards, direct mail, websites—or all of the above, which is often the case. Oh, and the people. I love these people. You’ve worked in big and small agencies. What... Read More

10 years: A look back and a look forward.

AcrobatAnt celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. What have we learned? Well, the five Ants who have been here since the beginning—owners Angela Harless, Diane Davis, Danny Sadler and David Downing, and Associate Creative Director Bryan Cooper—have learned a few things, among them: Hard work, in the vast majority of cases, supersedes great talent. If you have great talent who also possess a great work ethic, consider yourself lucky. We’re lucky. Never say “never.” Always say “always.” Our best project is our next project. Work hard. Play hard. Time flies. If you want a little context to go with the... Read More

Diane Davis

Ant Q&A: Diane Davis

Diane Davis Owner, Creative Services Director, Account Supervisor  How would you describe your job? Hmmm, that’s a loaded question. The creative services aspect of my job is acting as liaison between account service and the creative department. I assign jobs to each person, make sure all deadlines are met and manage overall workflow. The part of my job I’m most passionate about is the work we do on concessions and rebranding of arenas and stadiums. I am the account manager on all of these accounts and oversee projects from beginning to end—from measuring walls to visiting with the client about... Read More

Ant Q&A: David Downing

David Downing Owner, Account Service Director How would you describe your job? I’m one of the “guys in a suit” (when we used to wear suits) who provides good, sound communications counsel to clients and manages the client relationship. Then I make sure everything gets completed on time and on budget. It needs an even-brained person—just enough right-side to know and appreciate excellent creative work and plenty of left side for planning, strategy, research, etc. The in-between is kinda like herding cats. You’ve been in this business for a long time. What keeps you so enthused about coming to work... Read More

Ant Q&A: Dana Jacobs

Dana Jacobs Digital Producer Describe your role as digital producer and its importance to clients. As a digital producer, I handle all things social media. Depending on the client, that includes writing copy, shooting and selecting photography, creating graphics, planning and executing ad campaigns, responding to customers and reporting analytics. How has previous career and/or academic experience prepared you for your work here? In my first job out of college, as a marketing coordinator, I had the opportunity to learn how to use the Adobe Creative Suite and gain a working knowledge of the different programs. In my second job,... Read More

Ant Q&A: Audrey Chambers

  Audrey Chambers Account Supervisor Trace your work history leading up to your employment at AcrobatAnt. I started working when I was 15 years old and really haven’t stopped. After graduating from Oklahoma State University, I accepted a position in Human Resources at the Walmart home office in Bentonville, Arkansas. I later moved to Recruiting and ended my time there in Marketing. It was an amazing learning experience, but I knew I didn’t want to stay there forever, so I took a job as an advertising agency account director and stayed there for a few years. I was in northwest... Read More

Ant Q&A: Matt O’Meilia

  Matt O’Meilia Senior Copywriter How would you describe your job? My job is fast-paced, demanding and challenging. On any given day, I change gears frequently to adjust to the unique brand personality of each client. So, there’s a lot of variety, both in the types of clients and the things each client needs: ads, brochures, web copy, direct mail, TV and radio copy, short copy, long copy, clever copy, serious copy. Whatever it is, about 99 percent of the time it is HOT copy. What projects/activities do you pursue outside of agency work? I play drums in a couple... Read More

Ant Q&A: Dell Chambers

Dell Chambers Senior Art Director How long have you worked at AcrobatAnt? Six wonderful years. How would you describe your job? Challenging, interesting and ever-evolving. I take input from clients and come up with a compelling and clean design to achieve their goals. It’s kind of like a puzzle, figuring out what goes where, and it’s very rewarding to see the final picture come together. What projects and activities do you pursue outside of agency work? Painting is something I thoroughly enjoy, along with trying new foods and health/fitness. Some employees have actually hired me to do their weekly lunches;... Read More

Ant Q&A: Donna Keffer

  Donna Keffer Account Manager How would you describe your job? Relationship Builder. My job is to make sure my clients are happy and help them look good by reaching their goals. I try to know as much as possible about them and their business as possible. I manage Mountain States Hospital System and St. Luke’s Health System, which both do things very differently. It is challenging and fun to find ways to manage those unique relationships and keep both clients happy—both with me and the work that we create on their behalf. What inspires you? Giving back. Empathy. I... Read More

Ant Q&A: Bryan Cooper

Bryan Cooper Associate Creative Director How would you describe your job? When you break my job down to its basics, I’m taking a thought from one human and translating it into something visually compelling enough to get the attention of another human. What inspires you? Evel Knievel, vintage photography, Cracker Jack toys and working with people who know how to turn work into fun. What creative projects do you pursue outside of agency work? My favorite medium is clay. There’s something primal about working with clay that you can’t quite get with other mediums. One of the reasons I love... Read More