Celebrating Milestones in Healthcare

In an era of healthcare uncertainty and change, it’s important to reassure your community about your hospital or health system’s commitment to their health and to the continuous innovation and growth of the health services provided.

One way to reassure your community and show stability is to showcase milestones of your hospital or health system; like a 100-year anniversary, for example. Leveraging and marketing your milestones goes beyond showcasing stability to the external community. It also reassures employees and builds internal pride in what your health system has accomplished and seeks to accomplish in the future.

To start thinking about how you can leverage an upcoming milestone, check out these 5 innovative ideas:

1. Logo: Create a custom anniversary or themed logo to use throughout the milestone period, perhaps six months or a full year. It should be used on all communications and displayed signage; social, print, digital and within the hospital.

2. Showcase history: Gather photos and other assets to visually showcase your story visually. Assets can be assembled into a book or even displayed along a wall for visitors to enjoy. They can also be used throughout the year in blog posts or on social media. Create a legacy piece that can be enjoyed for years to come.

3. Celebrate: Create meaningful traditions that can be celebrated internally and with your community. Perhaps create an annual community event, provide cupcakes for every employee, or brainstorm other creative or personalized ways to instill the importance of milestones.

4. Promotion/Sponsor: Use your milestone as a reason to offer discounted screenings or donate to a local charity. Perhaps a 50-year anniversary will warrant a $50 cardiac screening. Or, for every mammogram, your hospital will donate $50 to a relevant charity. Passing along a benefit to patients or to charitable causes reinforces your commitment to a healthy community.

5. Public Relations: Ensure the community rallies around your milestone by sending press releases and engaging local media to help celebrate. Offer media exclusive tours or access to peak more interest and get more coverage.

Think beyond the typical 5- or 10-year anniversary markers. Seventeen® magazine celebrates all anniversaries that in a 7. Heinz celebrates couples who have been married for 57 years. What years mean something to your health system and how can you rally you employees and the community around those years/numbers?

How has your health system celebrated milestones? We want to hear your ideas! Share in the comments below.

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