Celebrating the Holidays—Ant-style

Over the years, AcrobatAnt has developed some unique holiday traditions—a good blend of fun and heartfelt, silly and serious.

Secret Santa

In early November, we draw names for a Secret Santa gift exchange that takes place at our annual Christmas party. Why draw names so early? Because our tradition is that each gift must be handcrafted in some way and personalized to the recipient. Sometimes the gifts are touching, sometimes silly and sometimes downright bizarre, but they’re always highly creative.
Senior Art Director Dell Chambers, with a custom clock modeled after himself.

12 Days of Christmas

Everyone knows the traditional “Twelve Days of Christmas” song. The Ants deliver something a little less-than-traditional on each of those 12 days, e.g., Crazy Sock Day, Ugly Sweater Day, Twinsday, Why-Is-This-In-My-Closet Day and, of course, Pajama Day. Every year we mix it up with new themes, so be sure to follow us on Facebook or Instagram to bear witness to this year’s shenanigans.

Ants showing their pride and cool graphic tees.

Seeing double for Twinsday!

Craft-building at The Children’s Hospital at Saint Francis

One of the privileges of working with Saint Francis Health System is the annual opportunity to share an afternoon with some of the greatest kids you’ll ever meet—at The Children’s Hospital at Saint Francis. Creating Christmas ornaments and other holiday decorations with patients and their parents is a wonderful experience and a great way to get into the real spirit of the season.
Account Coordinators Rachael Cervenka and Jennifer Hardgrave crafting with a patient from The Children’s Hospital.

Supporting Women In Recovery

The holiday season is all about giving, so one of our favorite traditions each year is making Christmas a little more special for those in the Women In Recovery outpatient rehabilitation program. Donations by the Ants help many of these women afford Christmas gifts for their children and essential items for themselves. A Family and Children’s Services program, Women In Recovery is operated in partnership with The George Kaiser Family Foundation.
Hot chocolate and bonding with some members of Women in Recovery.

The Ant family wishes you and your family the best holiday ever.

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