Digital Navigation Improving Patient and Visitor Experience

Typically, hospitals are confusing and hard to navigate, which leads to poor patient satisfaction. Situations that bring people to the hospital are difficult enough; no one should be confused while finding their way through the hospital. With digital content ever-evolving and continuing to take over the healthcare world, why not create a branded smartphone hospital map application for your healthcare system?

Creating a branded hospital map app can put visitors at ease and navigate them to exactly where they need to go, without having to ask for directions, which in turn eliminates the time your staff spends directing visitors around the hospital. Building a branded app specifically to your healthcare system is an extension of your website. The app can provide additional information about your system, while also integrating hospital navigation.

A branded hospital map app also gives you the opportunity to play on your healthcare system’s personalty and mission. Display a sign in the main lobby directing visitors to the app, but also showing them in a way that coordinates with the rest of your marketing verbiage. For example, the dining area is closing soon, create a notification that alerts users it will be closing in x minutes. The app is an additional way to have a more personal relationship with each visitor.

If your hospital is under construction and the traditional maps are no longer relevant or helpful, it takes time to reproduce the maps, reprint them and get them posted throughout the hospital. An app can be updated in real time for every user, so it is immediately updated without any hassle or time lost.

What about visitors without smartphones? The healthcare system can distribute tablets, budget permitting, throughout the hospital for visitors to use instead of the traditional maps. It takes time to evaluate a traditional hospital map and lay out the route you need to take to arrive at your destination. With a tablet, you can enter in your hospital destination and the tablet will lay out the best route for you.

It is important to remember you want patients and visitors to feel welcome, at ease and satisfied when they choose your healthcare system.  Creating a branded hospital map app is a great start to ensuring this experience for all, which can in turn increase patient satisfaction ratings for your healthcare system. When you aim to create a more satisfying and pleasant experience for patients and their families, your healthcare system will benefit. It is more critical than ever to over deliver on hospital experiences to keep patients and visitors loyal and coming back to you to meet their healthcare needs.

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