Facebook Rolls Out New Ad Offerings, Dumps Others

Fidji Simo, product manager at Facebook, announced on Friday that the social network giant will be simplifying the ad products that are available to marketers. After gathering feedback from marketers, one message that seemed to resonate was that there are too many products that accomplish the same goal.

Facebook announced that new ad products will start with business goals, the same way a person would when working with a marketer. “Our vision is that over time, an advertiser can come to Facebook and tell us what they are trying to achieve, and our ads tools will automatically suggest the right combination of products to help them achieve it,” Simo wrote.

Currently, Facebook offers 27 ad units, many of which are redundant in that they accomplish the same goals. Some of the ad offerings that will be eliminated are:

  • The Questions product for Pages
  • The online Offer product
  • Redundant sponsored stories
  • Inconsistent ad displays

Marketers can begin to see these changes over the next couple of months. The new ad offerings should streamline the marketing process on Facebook and drive the results the marketers want.

To see Facebook’s release, visit https://newsroom.fb.com/News/620/An-Update-on-Facebook-Ads. Do you think these new ad offerings will increase your business’ ROI from Facebook ads?

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