Five Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Event Sponsorship in Healthcare Marketing

Sponsoring events where you know your audience will be is a great way to build awareness and interact with potential patients. However, don’t short change your investment by just writing a check and sending a logo. Here are five ways to get the most out of your event sponsorship:

1. Understand exactly what you are getting in return for your sponsorship.

Are you getting logo recognition or just your company name? Will you get press mentions as a sponsor? Is your hospital included in correspondence before, during and after the event? Do you get opportunities to send your own mailer or email to the attendees? Where will your brand be showcased during the event? How many tickets for the event will be complimentary? Even if some of these items aren’t included in the sponsorship, it doesn’t hurt to ask or negotiate more for your investment.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask for or create unique sponsorship opportunities for your brand.

There is no rule that says you have to comply with how things have been done in the past. The event organizer will be happy to work with you on creating new and unique ways to sponsor the event and engage with attendees. Perhaps you could sponsor a charging station for cell phones, water stations for an outdoor event or even the Twitter feed, and provide a large monitor to display Twitter for the event’s hashtag (with your logo on the monitor, of course). Look for ways to engage with attendees. What will they want/need during the event and how can you provide it for them and showcase your brand at the same time?

3. Publicize the event on your website and on social media.

Make sure people beyond those attending the event are aware of your efforts to support your community. Even those who aren’t able to attend can appreciate community involvement and will remember your commitment to the cause/community. Create additional publicity by giving away tickets or VIP experiences that you may have received as part of your sponsorship. Even if not a public contest, internal giveaways go a long way to improve staff morale and increase buzz about event involvement.

4. Do your brand justice.

Make sure you provide a high resolution logo and ask for samples of items where your logo will be printed. What if your logo is red and the item that the event organizer is planning on having customized are orange? If they can’t change the color, at least you would know how to send over your logo in white vs. red. Or, maybe the event organizer can switch the color to something that complements your brand. Sometimes you just need to ask.

5. Offer brand ambassadors as volunteers for the event.

Provide event support by not having not just employees but true brand ambassadors volunteer for the event. Brand ambassadors will speak highly of your brand, know the ins and outs of your company and can speak with authority on why your brand is unique and chose to be involved in the event. Passion goes a long way and those who interact at the event will notice your team’s excitement or resentment for being at the event.

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