Florida Hospital Triples Response Rate in Patient Recruitment


New mover marketing programs are one of the more strategic, cost- effective marketing investments your healthcare organization can make to acquire new patients.

A new mover program makes a ton of sense to me for a couple of reasons. From a human perspective, welcoming new people to your neighborhood is a great way to make a friendly introduction, which is something lacking in today’s neighborhoods. When I was little and moved into a new neighborhood, we’d have several neighbors bring us plates of cookies or at the least make an effort to come by for an introduction. In today’s world, it’s much different and there are no friendly visits from neighbors. At least that’s the way it has been in my neighborhoods. So a friendly message recognizing new movers’ transitions into their new ZIP code is a very welcoming one.

From a business and consumer behavior perspective, it’s a very strategic means to acquiring new patients. Since new movers are already in the process of developing new purchasing habits, your “welcome to the neighborhood” messaging can accomplish the first two steps in the consumer engagement cycle by establishing awareness and influencing consideration in one fell swoop.

Typically, new patients are far more difficult to acquire than existing ones, but in the case of new movers, they aren’t attached to a competing organization. Since this group is easy to identify and communicate with, implementing this type of program can give your healthcare organization a distinct advantage over your competition in patient recruiting.

This is precisely what happened with one of our Florida hospitals. We do a lot of new mover programs for our clients all over the country and this is one of the more recent success stories.

We developed direct mail creative that included a leave-behind magnet and a business-reply card that the new mover recipient could mail in for a first aid kit. We printed a four-month supply and after the first month’s mailing, the hospital received 39 responses – a 5.2 percent response rate, which is more than three times the healthcare industry average. The hospital now has contact information for 39 prospective patients that they will communicate with to continue the drive to engagement.

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