Four Megatrends Affecting Healthcare Marketing


“Never before has an industry faced such uncertainty as does the healthcare industry today.”

Paul Keckley, Executive Director of Deloitte Center for Health Solutions

There is a new norm in healthcare and organizations who want to prosper will understand the key to survival is acceptance and change. As Executive Director Paul Keckley recently described via video, there are seven megatrends influencing healthcare right now. I’ve culled these down to the four that are affecting our efforts in healthcare marketing.

1. Demanding demographics. The U.S. demographics continue to change with the widening of ethnic groups in our communities, sizes of our households decreasing and the huge disparity in income between the classes. As healthcare marketers, we need to consider these realities in how we talk to our audiences, what channels we use to communicate, the type of information we offer, etc.

2. Unconstrained connectivity. The fact that consumers want control of their technology that delivers information when and how they choose to receive it is not new. Healthcare marketing has been a lagger when it comes to adoption of new technology and platforms. If we are going to even keep up with our healthcare consumers, let alone anticipate their needs, our organizations must understand these realities.

3. Constrained resources. As in many sectors, our organizations face a shortage of talent. Marketing’s role in associate retention and recruitment will continue to grow. Also, reduced budget allocations persist as organizations deal with capital issues. Therefore, our marketing efforts will continue to be scrutinized as expectations rise.

4. Big data. We are in an environment where we have access to massive amounts of data everyday. The tools that manage data have changed in a way that now we can extract valuable insights from our data. These insights can be used to transform our businesses and will redefine the difference between winners and losers.

These mega trends are reflective of the complexities we face in our industry. Understanding these realities allows us to better prepare our healthcare businesses for what’s around the corner.

To view Paul Keckley’s video in its entirety, click here.

Deloitte Center for Health Solutions is the health services research arm of Deloitte LLP. It focuses on trends and issues in healthcare, including policy and reform, innovations and consumerism.

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