Get Ahead: 3 Things You Can Do Now to Simplify Your Fourth Quarter Plans

1. One easy way to increase your fourth quarter income is to market a service to patients who have already met insurance deductibles for the year. You can use the cost savings as an additional enticement to schedule procedures through the end of the year. This tactic is most effective if you get the message out to patients at the end of the third quarter or very early in the fourth.

2. October is breast cancer awareness month and November is prostate health awareness month. It’s time to devise your screening specials and get your ad campaigns designed. With everything else going on day-to-day, sometimes it’s hard to think ahead about these upcoming projects. Starting now gives your team time to blend these additional needs painlessly into your workflow over the next few months.

3. Get your holiday cards designed and printed now. Not only will you have one less thing on your plate for the stressful season leading up to Christmas, you’ll likely save money on postage and design costs if you aren’t rushing to get them out at the last minute.

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