Good Feedback = Good Design. Five Ways to Improve Your Creative.

Great creative takes great collaboration with your agency partner. Here are our tips for giving design feedback to get the most out of your ad agency creative:

1. Give ample time. Good design requires time to ponder. This allows the designer to fully consider your project from all angles. Exceptional work happens when the designer has the opportunity during the creative process to experience that “Aha!” moment.

2. Trust your team. Design is a subject thing. However, design principles are based on measurable results. Trust your designer to be the expert and to make recommendations. They know what works best from many years of trial and error.

3. Keep the review team small. Having too many cooks in the kitchen often results in sub-par creative. When there isn’t a singular vision for creative, the design tries to be all things to all people — which results in a cluttered and boring end result. Pick one or two other people whose opinions you trust to have them take a look at the draft. Ultimately, it is your brand so make sure you feel comfortable with it.

4. Be as specific about the problem. Instead of directing a specific change, explain why you don’t like something and give reasons why. Make recommendations, but make sure the designer knows that you are okay if they come back to you with their own solutions to the problem. The designer might find an even better way when they are free to try several different alternatives.

5. Point out the positives. The designer will have a better understanding of how to fix a problem areas if they also know what design features you liked. This gives them more insight into your vision for the project so they can help you realize it.

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