Grand Centralized Station.

If your business has multiple locations or multiple sub-brands, we have one word of advice for your marketing structure: Centralize. And here’s why:

•    Lower costs
Reduce or eliminate duplication, share development costs, use larger volume to gain negotiation leverage with vendors. 

•    Establish a cohesive marketing strategy and execution
Clear goals and accountability make it easier to report ROI and stick to long-term success strategies.

•    Maximize your company’s brand image and messaging
When everything you say or do is unified and consistent, you have greater control of your PR and media.

•    Enhance quality control
In every facet of business from compliance and legal to production, improving your quality control will increase the quality of promotional and printed materials.

•    Increase the technical expertise and experience of your core team
Best practices are shared from the top down to increase everyone’s knowledge and effectiveness.

One way to make this shift easier is to partner with an agency capable of managing all aspects of your brand(s) and marketing. AcrobatAnt is experienced at monitoring the brand promise and executing marketing effectively. When we’ve literally had a seat at the table with clients, we’ve met their unique needs, helped them with business relationships, understood their issues, and provided key guidance. The result has been long-term partnerships and success.

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