Growing Physician Volume in Healthcare Marketing


Targeting new families is an effective way to build volume for your pediatric physician base. 

“New mover” lists are readily available for purchase and are a great way to introduce your brand/physician to a new audience in your market.

Before you begin developing messaging for your direct mail piece, keep in mind what matters most to these healthcare consumers. According to the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health, 2013, Parents’ Opinions on important factors in selecting a doctor for their children are as follows:

  • 92% – Accepts my health insurance
  • 65% – Convenient office location
  • 52% – Doctor’s years of experience
  • 50% – Word of mouth (family/friends)
  • 40% – Referral from another doctor
  • 25% – Doctor’s rating on websites

Knowing this, how and what do we communicate to this audience? We recommend direct mail for areas close to the doctor’s office to target households with small children or new movers. Next, leverage social media to engage word of mouth referrals. Perhaps facilitate a Facebook contest to encourage current patients to “Like” and “share” the clinic or doctor’s Facebook page with their friends. Lastly, be available when parents are seeking a pediatrician. Does your physician/practice come up when someone uses Google or Bing? Consider a search campaign as a component of your physician marketing campaign.

In your messaging, focus on the physician’s years of experience and his or her desire to keep kids healthy. Make the physician human and welcoming – why did he or she want to be a pediatrician? Do they have children of their own? Try to connect with the parent on a real level. If a parent feels like the doctor cares about their child as much as they do, they’ll seek them out. On the other hand, if the messaging focuses on his education and his photo doesn’t convey a warm, caring demeanor, you may detour potential patients. If the physician isn’t capable of taking a warm and friendly photo, we suggest excluding it and using stock images of healthy, happy kids.

Find out how a Florida hospital achieved a 5.2 percent response rate with direct mail.

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