Healthcare Marketing Case Study: Wellness as a Brand Builder

Healthcare marketers can deliver a better brand experience by putting on their “patient hat” and asking themselves, “What’s in it for me?”

I’m going to let you in on a little secret about your healthcare audience: They don’t care about what you have to say. That is, until they have to care. The truth is, a minority of consumers are seeking care at any given time. The latest statistic I could find is 16 percent; at any given time, 16% of your market cares what you have to say. With that being the case, our healthcare messaging has to work hard when it’s executed in market.

No one understand this better than Inova Health Systems. Inova is one healthcare organization that truly “gets” relevancy and marketing to consumers. They have used wellness as the basis for building their brand due to it having a high relevance factor among consumers. For healthcare consumers, relevance is the difference between:

  • Healing versus health
  • Outbound versus inbound
  • Look at us versus look at you
  • Joint replacement versus joint pain

Inova executed a Fit for 50 promotion encouraging metro Washington, DC-ites to get in shape, regardless of their age. They used former All-Pro NFL cornerback and wellness enthusiast Darrell Green, who was just turning 50, as the spokesperson. If you aren’t familiar with Green, he’s one of the more captivating personalities out there. He’s very down-to-earth and genuine, and has a great on-camera style. Smart move on Inova’s end by partnering with someone who represented their brand so well.

Green along with Inova physicians offered wellness tips in an effort to get people engaged and to begin to build trust within the Inova healtcare population. The Fit for 50 program had 7,200 registrants who signed up to personalize their fitness goals, 550 Facebook followers, 6,500 updated CRM records, 2,250 new CRM records and 325 participants enrolled in the 8K fitness run. Due to demand, Inova extended the length of the program from 50 days to a whole year. The campaign was web-centric, having a Facebook page and a website where Green’s fitness video clips could be watched. Inova’s choice to take a different path has helped them become a beacon of wellness in their community.

As a side note, that marketing team responsible for executing this promotion didn’t realize the extent to which physicians would become involved. While filming one of the videos, Darrell pulled in a physician who was walking by and started talking to him about fitness – then word spread. They had 50 Inova doctors featured in video clips, talking about a variety of healthcare topics.

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