Healthcare Marketing Opportunities to Improve Patient Experience and Generate Revenue

Patient experience goes beyond clinical care and basic comforts while being in the hospital. Think about environments throughout your hospital where staff, patients and visitors spend time but may be less than welcoming.

Waiting Rooms


People hate waiting rooms. It’s not fair, but it’s the truth. So, how do you make waiting a less painful experience? A few ideas include:

  • Create nooks for kids to play, parents to work and separate visitor areas so everyone can feel like they have some space.
  • Provide Wifi, install a book vending machine, provide knitting needles/yarn or other tools to help people pass the time. Sidenote: According to a study originally published in the book Clinic Design: Enhancing the Patient Experience through Informed Design, by Gary A. Nyberg and Christine Guzzo Vickery, only 41 percent of respondents said they wanted to watch TV when sitting in a waiting room. Instead, the top sought after activities were reading (95 percent) and using a mobile phone (57 percent).
  • Keep it comfortable. Provide a wide array of furniture so people/patients/visitors can be comfortable whether they are reading, watching TV or working on their laptop.
  • Provide items that someone may have forgotten like a toothbrush, wet wipes and snacks. After sitting in a waiting room for six hours, visitors may feel more refreshed and patient if they can wash their face and brush their teeth.
  • Warm, friendly decor can help those waiting feel at ease. If local artists are willing, allow them to display their work in gallery format or even sell their work subtly. Waiting in an art gallery is much more enjoyable than waiting in a plain, beige room.

Sky Bridges / Walkways

London's childrens

Most hospital walkways are scarily bland and dreary. As patients, visitors and staff pass through, their brand experience isn’t enhanced, they may even be tainted due to the dark, old and neglected halls. Every area of your hospital should enhance patient experience. Every hallway untouched is a missed opportunity. What do you want to convey as people pass through the hall- hope, joy, experience. Whatever it is, you have a blank canvas.

Here are a couple of examples we like:

London Children’s Hospital commissioned more than 10 artists and designers to transform their halls and waiting areas.



Dining Areas

angs blog2


By not creating an inviting place for visitors and staff to dine, you may be missing out on more than improving brand perception- you may be missing out on revenue opportunities. Every time a visitor or employee leaves the hospital campus for lunch or a cup of coffee, that is potential revenue leaving your building. The image to the right is a concession stand we redesigned to make the restaurant a destination, not and afterthought or last choice for dining. The healthcare industry could take some guidance from the arena and venue industry who want people to arrive early and enjoy the venue before the show to enhance their overall experience and perception. Concert-goers are more likely to want to order food and drinks and hangout at a branded restaurant versus a generic ‘concession’ stand. By branding concession stands, venues are increasing revenue and enhancing their customer experience, this could apply for the healthcare industry as well.

It’s important to use your facility’s potential to improve patient experience while also generating revenue. These are just a few of our favorite examples to get your brainstorming started.

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