Healthcare Marketing’s Dilemma: Is Your Brand Interesting?


Instead of being highly rational, functional and focused on specifics, like most healthcare marketers, tell the story behind your brand to intrigue, engage, and connect emotionally with your healthcare consumers. 

As I mentioned in one of my recent posts, Humanizing Healthcare Marketing, only by establishing an emotional connection with our audience can we build affinity with and loyalty to our healthcare brand. As we accelerate down the road to consumerization, how can we become more human and less robotic and mechanical? Something that consumer marketers have known for quite some time is that brands are just like people. What makes someone interesting, memorable and attractive is always more than a list of rational characteristics. We connect emotionally with each other and in order to be engaging, we must be compelling in our storytelling.

I liken this to the cocktail party scenario. Think about one of the last cocktail parties you attended. Was there someone you met that you thought was interesting? What was it about that person? Was it someone suffering from the me, myself and I syndrome or was it someone who was real, engaged in your conversation and genuine? My money is on the person you felt was authentic and real. There is huge opportunity in healthcare for us to differentiate our healthcare brands by telling our own, unique story.  

Your healthcare brand is the sum of all the characteristics that make your offering unique. It is NOT your logo, slogan or latest ad campaign. And whether you like it or not, your organization does have a brand. The only question is, are you in control of it? In order for your healthcare organization to build its brand, your internal leadership teams must strategically set a level of expectation and deliver consistency of-

  • Customer service
  • Patient acquisition process
  • Messaging (including your voice and tone)
  • Consumer touch-points
  • Marketing and communications

When you control the nuances of your brand, your healthcare organization’s image will be clear and you will achieve consistent results.

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