How to Write for Digital Media

Next year will continue to streamline the patient journey across all platforms. To do this well, you’ll need to optimize your copy writing for online readers. Here are a few tips to keep online readers engaged and to limit your bounce rate.

1. Online readers hate to scroll, but they love to click.

  • Articles and headlines should be short and sweet
  • If you have something more in depth to say about a particular topic within an article, hyperlink to it on a separate page
  • A reader is more likely to stay on your site if there are useful links to information related to your post topic

2. Online readers scan

  • Keep your keywords in headlines or bold fonts for better visibility
  • Long paragraphs will be overlooked so keep them to a maximum of 1-3 sentences

3. Start at the end

  • Start with your conclusion, and then follow with details
  • It will tell your reader what they will get from you if they keep scanning the page
  • Include the most important information at the top, least important at the bottom

4. Style tips

  • Use active voice
  • Use descriptive hyperlinks, like “ways to reduce bounce rates” not “click here” to grab your reader’s attention
  • Fragments are okay on the web
  • Always have your target audience in mind

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