ICYMI here is your Twitter language lesson


It seems as though the digital landscape changes everyday. New businesses popping up, a new social network becomes popular and hilarious cat videos. More importantly, a new digital language has formed, and it can be confusing. One social network in particular has some of the most confusing language. That one site is, of course, Twitter.

By limiting people to 140 characters, Twitter users have come up with a language that is full of acronyms, many of which can be hard to decipher. For example, ICYMI, AFAIK and TLDR are just a few of the longer, confusing acronyms.

Good news, though, here is a read-worthy article that has many of the most-used acronyms on Twitter and what they mean. Give it a read, so the next time you venture out into Twitter space you don’t get left out of the conversation. http://mashable.com/2013/07/19/twitter-lingo-guide/


Let us know in the comments what your favorite Twitter acronyms are.

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