In Your Rush to Get Social, Don’t Overlook Email in Your Digital Strategy

As healthcare marketers continue to support content strategy through social channels, email should remain a cornerstone of distribution.

According to a recent report from Yesmail, 53 percent of recipients who opened an email message in the previous three months have also been subscribed to an email list for more than a year. These consistent and qualified leads are the kind of audience your hospital or medical practice needs to reach.

So what makes an email campaign successful?

Consistency. Make sure that your content provides valuable information on a consistent basis.

Mobility. Your email should be designed with mobile devices in mind — 63 percent of emails opened in the second quarter were done on mobile phones or tablets.

Timeliness. Consider triggered messages to increase your open rate. Messages triggered by a customer action, such as new patient welcomes, had a 2.5 times higher open rate in the Yesmail study.

Evaluation. Take the time to evaluate and update your email strategy on a regular basis. High volumes of bounced emails mean its been too long since you’ve cleaned your list and can affect the deliverability of later campaigns by sending them to recipients’ junk folders.

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