Is your brand clean this spring?


Any huge project can be overwhelming—whether it refers to your house or your brand. But when you break down the process into simple steps, progress is easier to make. In this first of five posts, AcrobatAnt can help you spruce up your brand image.

First, you need to define your brand’s goals and objectives. Goals are your general, big-picture intentions; objectives are the results that come from achieving those goals.

For instance, if your goal is to grow your business, your objectives will define the specific categories, demographics and percentages for that growth.

Ask yourself these five questions about your goals/objectives:

  • Do they translate to all departments; am I taking an integrated approach?
  • Will we have to stretch beyond current limits to reach them?
  • Do they represent a consensus; is everyone on board?
  • Are they achievable?
  • Most important, are my goals measurable?

Once you have the answers, you’re ready to move on. Keep watching our blog for Step 2, which we’ll post in the next few days.


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