Lessons Learned from Aggressive, Results-Oriented Marketing Efforts

As hospitals seek to aggressively grow a service line and build volume for physicians, there are a lot of people and tactics to coordinate. Our experience with various multimedia, aggressive and results-driven campaigns, has taught us a few valuable lessons along the way.

Here are seven tips to aggressively market a service line and see results quickly.

1. CEO involvement is key, as it sends a signal of importance to both internal and external audiences.

2. Grassroots efforts are critical. A grassroots team must be independent of hospital administration and marketing. The group needs to be nurtured in the beginning to be self-sustaining long-term.

3. To be truly effective, leverage all possible touchpoints as no single tactic will work alone.

4. Establish a single point of contact for the campaign to manage all the various components.

5. Keep vendor coordination a top priority throughout the campaign to ensure all results are captured.

6. Continually offer multiple methods for prospects to interact, including strong physician-to-physician referral processes, grassroots team outreach, educational events, website assessments and monthly screenings.

7. Give it time. It will most likely take six months to see results. Commit to sustaining the campaign strategy and tactics to maximize results.

Keep these tips in mind as you begin to develop a strategy and tactics for your upcoming volume-building campaign and you will be one step closer to success.

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