Healthcare Marketing’s Role in Patient Experience

Healthcare marketing departments are tempted to default responsibility of patient experience to the quality department or to operations, but marketing needs to help drive the patient experience in order to achieve success.

Is patient experience a strategic priority for your healthcare organization? The reasons for this are many but the most important one is that experience impacts quality. And quality is the name of the game in the era of healthcare reform. Survey after survey reveals that a patient’s perceptions of quality care are directly tied to their experience of receiving compassionate care. As a matter of fact, “compassionate care/staff” wins out every time with healthcare consumers over cleanliness, experienced staff and the latest technology.

That being said, our job doesn’t end when a patient makes a call or walks through the doors of our hospitals or practices. As healthcare marketers, we need to take an active role in ensuring the patient experience aligns with the messaging and positioning we’ve executed in market, thus keeping our promise to our healthcare audiences.

We can say anything in our marketing messages, but if a patient walks in our doors and feels a disconnect with what we’ve promised them, not only will you lose that patient, but they will also tell friends and family, so you will likely lose future patients. Here’s one idea of patient experience that can help you develop your customer experience program:

Intentionally crafted interactions that are personal and individual in nature, require participation and meet unrecognized needs, resulting in a relationship that provides unique value to the customer and to the organization.

Creating a good patient experience isn’t accidental. It takes leadership. And that role may fall to marketing if no one else owns it in your healthcare organization. Why marketing? Because patient experience is built on the backbone of our healthcare organization’s brand promise. How can your brand promise be realized in every touch point, every atmosphere, and every visual? Managing the brand promise throughout your healthcare organization and patient experience will help align with your marketing messages.

Ideally, you won’t have to do it alone. By getting leadership involved and creating a team involving operations, quality, clinical, administration and marketing, you will inadvertently make patient experience a strategic priority. Dream big – what do you want the ideal patient experience to be? Then, start prioritizing – what can be done in three months, six months a year or five years from now? Assign accountability and start working towards improved patient performance now – your marketing efforts will be more productive because of it.

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