One Key Strategy in Managing Population Health for Healthcare Marketers


With an increased emphasis on population health, hospitals need to look to collaboration and partnerships with employers who have more direct interaction with healthcare consumers within the population.

One of the easiest ways to reach a large portion of your population is by working with employers in your community. Establishing these types of partnerships will enable your hospital or health system to have a deeper and more comprehensive reach in managing population health and to share financial and other resource commitments needed to achieve your goals.

What do these services look like? The range of options is limited only by your hospital’s areas of expertise. Your hospital brand can take a lead role by packaging solutions that range from mirroring an existing community wellness program to creating an umbrella of employer services, such as new-employee screenings, physicals, workplace injury care and more. Below are seven tactics that you can use to reach employers and their employees.

1) Onsite community wellness classes and health clinics on prevention an common illnesses

2) Preventative screenings at employers’ offices during work hours

3) Educational email blasts

4) Brand your employer services (It’s more than occupational medicine!)

5) Employer dedicated multi-specialty clinics

6) Open house of employer services

7) Create a hospital-employer task force to identify needs of employers

8) Improve your website or create a microsite specific to employer health

For employers, programs such as these can potentially lower their overall healthcare costs, lessen employee absenteeism, enhance productivity and build employee morale. For your hospital, these types of programs can generate revenue, including serving as feeders into your (versus your competitor’s) hospital’s service lines, and creating the potential for significant downstream revenue.

We need to recognize that if we help our community’s access to healthcare, preventive care, and healthy lifestyle behaviors, we can help significantly reduce the incidence of chronic diseases and unnecessary inpatient admissions and ED visits. These programs are not something we can do on our own, due to limitations in both financial means and expertise, and, therefore, we must reach out to our local employer base.

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