You have 8 seconds…

At a recent lunch-and-learn session, the Ants and their Mazzio’s pizzas gathered in the conference room for a lesson from professors/art
directors Chance Walentiny and Jinni Giltner. The topic was effective outdoor boards, and some of the highlights/tips included:

Tip #1: Simplicity rules. A successful billboard has 3 main components:

1. Compelling image/photo
2. Unique, benefit-laden, emotionally charged headline
3. Logo/contact info

Less is more; more is clutter…

Tip #2: Use BIG font sizes.

1. Aids readability at greater distances
2. Gives viewers more time to process your message
3. Adds life to your message

Remember, your audience is zipping by at 55+mph…

Tip #3: Outstanding photography.

1. High-resolution images (300 DPI minimum) are a must
2. Leverage that huge scale to make a BIG visual splash

One central image that’s 25 inches wide is worth more than five dinky images…

Tip #4: Laser focus on 1 key objective.

You have a few seconds to convey your message

1. No time to list multiple features
2. No time for all-inclusive contact info

What do you want the viewer to do/remember?

Tip #5: Take it for a test drive.

1. Show your design layout to someone for 5-10 seconds
2. Simulate a drive-by viewing (make it move)
3. Is the message readable? Understandable?

It’s a poster, not a novel…

Tip #6: Be bold, courageous and daring.

1. No one remembers dull
2. No one remembers cluttered

Make your point memorable…

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