Please allow us to introduce the kind, hardworking, photogenic geniuses who will be handling your account:

David Downing

Partner, Account Service Director
David is an expert with clients because he’s been one. And served many. His career on both sides of the table—client and agency—has made him a quick study of what clients want and how they want issues solved.

Bryan Cooper

Partner, Creative Director
To know Bryan is to marvel at Bryan's thinking process. His mind just works differently. You've seen his logos in multiple editions of LogoLounge; and his work has been featured in the Society of Illustrators Museum in New York and in the Directory of Illustration.

Angela Harless

Partner, Director of Client Success
Her mind is strategic. Logical. “Spreadsheet” is her native language. That’s why Angela oversees all things monetary at AcrobatAnt. A pro in the advertising, marketing and healthcare industries, she’s also one of Oklahoma Magazine’s “40 Under 40.”

David Vavra

Partner, Controller
Someone has to do payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable, collections, billing, forecasting and prepare financial statements. At AcrobatAnt, that's our left-brained and very sports-minded David Vavra—who always looks forward to Fantasy Football season.

Sally Baca

Digital Media Specialist
Sally began her professional career toiling for the financial and insurance industries. Deep down, though, she knew there had to be another way of applying her MBA that was, you know, fun. The stars aligned, Sally found what she was looking for, and we found the perfect match for our banking and other finance-oriented clientele.

Dwayne Butler

Art Director
As a designer, Dwayne loves the “happy accidents” that happen when you look at projects from different angles and try something that originally might not have worked. He likes designing logos and illustrations and is an expert when it comes to designing tradeshow exhibits and graphics.

Kylie Cook

Account Manager
In the account world, communication is fundamental. Kylie is loaded with the fundamentals, including a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a two-year stint as writer and associate editor of a home design magazine. With this foundation she became an exceptional account executive with deep healthcare marketing experience—exactly what we were looking for when we lured... Read More

Dell Chambers

Senior Art Director
Dell has a great eye as a designer, illustrator and fine artist. His paintings of popular sports figures have brought in in as much as $11,000 for charity events. At AcrobatAnt, he's the go-to guy for coming up with the big concept, then taking it to the molecular level.

Chelsi Jacobs

Marketing Coordinator
The role of AcrobatAnt marketing coordinator is a combination of office administration and account service. It calls for someone highly organized, which comes naturally to Chelsi. While earning her business degree, she juggled several jobs, including an internship for a wedding planner. If keeping brides happy isn’t great preparation for client work, nothing is.

Dana Jacobs

Digital Producer
Development and distribution of digital content, including web and social media, is essential for every client, and Dana’s skills in creating and managing this content make her an essential member of every AcrobatAnt account team.

Brent Jackson

Director of Website Development
For representing your brand, nothing is more important than your website. That’s why you need an experienced developer to ensure that your site always provides a good experience for your customers and your company. It also helps when your developer is as creative and forward-thinking as he is technically proficient. And that, as they say, is Brent in a nutshell.

Madison Lister

Account Executive
Healthcare and food: two things AcrobatAnts know a lot about, which made Madison such a natural addition to the account team for CommunityCare and Mazzio’s, among others. She joined us in 2018, bringing two years of healthcare-marketing experience and a passion for cooking and baking.

Bradan Mitchell

Junior Art Director
First, because we know you’re wondering, it’s pronounced like “Braden.” No, we’d never seen it spelled like that, either, nor had we heard of his hometown: Walters, Oklahoma. Before he had worked a full day here, Bradan had already given us a geography lesson and opened our eyes to new ways of spelling. As if that weren’t enough, he has proven to be a very talented designer.

Matt O’Meilia

Senior Copywriter
Matt has been writing copy since September 1988, but to this day he is still undecided about the use of the Oxford comma. Oh, he’ll use it on some occasions, depending on the context, but other times he considers it unnecessary. Matt thinks deeply about punctuation, which makes him endlessly fascinating.

Will Skaggs

Art Director
Will first came to work for us in 2010, a fresh-faced kid right out of college. After four years, he left to pursue an opportunity in Milwaukee, where he worked as both a graphic designer and a professional photographer. Now he’s back for his second go-around as an Ant—older, wiser, a new dad, and a diehard Brewers fan.

Jessica Thomas

Traffic Coordinator/Copywriter
Jessica’s previous occupations include the Oklahoma City Thunder events crew and tournament organizer for the Bixby Youth Baseball Association. Now she organizes words and gives every fact a reality check, the agency’s last line of defense against any sort of inaccuracy. A lot of pressure, but she can handle it.

Hayden Von Drehle

Account Manager
Those who serve on the account-service side seem to have one thing in common: they’re passionate, if not just a touch OCD, about keeping clients happy. This is but one of many reasons Hayden has been successful in managing client and agency relationships for as long as she has. Before joining the Ants in 2019,... Read More

India Wilkerson

Account Executive
Before arriving at AcrobatAnt in 2019, India honed her account-management skills in Big D (working for the Dallas Cowboys) and the Big Apple (handling major international accounts such as Remy Martin, Ricola and Frontline Plus). Fortunately for us, she decided to return to her hometown and play a big role in serving our clients.

As it turns out, what we all suspected was true.
Her heart was simply too big for this world.

Diane Davis

Founder. Partner. Angel.

Diane Lissau Davis
1973 – 2018