Providing Valuable Healthcare Marketing Content

Like we’ve mentioned before, digital marketing remains king in 2015 and Google is taking a small step forward with their new algorithm. The most important takeaway for the healthcare marketer in this new algorithm is that you have to think in questions, from the consumer’s perspective. For example, what are your clinic’s office hours? Who is the best pediatrician in town? Google wants to answer questions.

While we don’t know much about the newest algorithm from Google for SEO, we do know that it won’t focus as much on keywords as it will on content. Why are focusing on Google? Because 67 percent of all online searches come through Google’s search engine. It is key to have valuable, interesting content on your website, as well as on your social media handles. Sometimes it’s hard to determine what is “valuable” content and/or what will get shared throughout social media? Google identifies shared content as good content. We all want our content to be shared, so how do we get there?

  • What are creative ways you can share your content? For example, patient testimonials would be better off as a video interview rather than a published written interview. A viewer would be more likely to share video rather than an article. Think interactively, what will grab your audience’s attention?
  • Be relevant. No one is going to share something that isn’t relevant to other day-to-day topics. If you’re not relevant, you may miss your mark.
  • Make sure to have a responsive website. If someone sees a blog post, photo, infographic, etc. shared by your company via a mobile device, then searches for you and your mobile website is hard to decipher, you’ll instantly lose that visitor.
  • When writing social media posts, blog posts, etc., think in terms of the consumer. What do your consumers want to know? What other items or articles are being shared within the healthcare industry? What questions will your post answer? What is the objective for your post?

Having valuable content is important for having your content shared, but it also gives you credibility. Valuable content keeps your audience engaged and coming back for more.

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